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Precision tuning for your most prized possession
Professional voicing establishes the most musical tone for your piano

Piano Tuning. Regulation. Voicing. Repairs. Restoration.


Professional aural tuning provides the best results for your piano. Julian has been trained by one of Australia’s top piano technicians and will ensure your instrument is correctly tuned to your standard.


A regulated piano action gives a musician full control of their instrument. The ability to play pianissimo to fortissimo effortlessly is only possible with a well-regulated action. If you have any difficulty controlling the dynamics of your instrument, it may need a regulation.


Voicing is the art of changing a piano’s tonality through the process of filing, needling and shaping the hammers. Over time, hammer felts become compressed and hard, causing the tone to become bright and metallic. To counter this, voicing is vital to ensure your instrument retains its musicality.


Pianos contain hundreds of moving parts that, over time, can weaken and break. If your piano doesn’t feel or sound right, contact Julian to resolve the issue.


Restoration can breathe new life into an old piano, renewing its aesthetic and musical potential for many years to come.


– Australian Registered Piano Technician

– Vice President of the Piano Tuners and Technicians Guild of Victoria

– Piano Technical Manager of Yamaha Music Australia